Business Plans, Digital Marketing & More

                There are boo coos of places where you can have someone design your website, write SEO content, create a mobile app, etc. But there is only one place that does it all and that is They have the ability to tackle all of your design and marketing needs at once with the highest quality I have ever seen. Daniel is a magic man. He works on so many different things and his work is never below excellence.

                Let me put it to you this way. If you have a great plan and design for your business, you are also going to need the skills of marketing that only Digi can provide. If you have all that you need but you aren’t getting “likes” or “hits” or whatever, you can still greatly benefit from Daniel Abramov and his team of experts. They can do it all.

                Marketing is the key to getting any kind of substantial presence in the online world. It is sometimes a very complicated concept for people to understand. Okay you advertise, but how? Moreover, how do I advertise without being annoying or overstepping on someone else’s site or blog? Here’s an analogy: You are going to run for president in student council at your school, but you are very shy and few people know who you are and what you stand for. You decide to gather up posters, banners, buttons, and glitter glue to make your message stand out. Once you have put up all of your signs and sent out all those flashy buttons, people will start to notice you and they will wonder who you are and what you are about. That is marketing, in a sense, except in today’s world, everything is online and those groups of people in the hall are now all in circles on Google plus.

                Now, you may not be running for student council, but I would bet that you are still looking for a more effective way to get noticed as a business or site. I can tell you from experience that Daniel and his team are more than qualified for that task. They have helps thousands of people get off the ground or jump higher on the online ladder, so to speak.  There is so much to mention and recommend here that I could write a book. Since this is just a review, I will leave you with this.

                Go ahead and make contact with Daniel at He is actually a really nice guy and his replies are very cordial and timely. Find out what they can do for you on your budget and timeline. You will be glad you did.


                                                Carla Thomas