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I needed a creative twist to my brand’s logo and web design. I had gone to several sites and experienced either one of two things: prices that were too high or very limited design packages. By limited I mean, offering a promotion design package for one price and adding valuable marketing tools for additional fees. I had enough with these sites and I almost gave up.

About a week later, I decided to do a little bit more research before I threw in the towel completely. I came across DigiTargeting, headed by Daniel Abramov. Their landing page was quite convincing, so I looked into it further. I contacted Daniel and to my surprise, he responded right away. He informed me of all the packages I could get and that the projects would be done according to my project and deadline.

 I was blown away by all the different features they offered in one place. I was unaware that I could get a mixture of social media promotion and web design. The consultants at Digi took me through everything so that I could understand it better. Daniel and the rest of them were very cordial and prompt in communicating with me. Overall, it was a much needed relief to have their services. I recommend them to anyone in need of real marketing talent.

                -Samuel Rhodes