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I had so many ideas for my blog and no idea how to make my website relevant or branded. I wasn’t even sure of how to categorize my content to appear on search engines, which is apparently called SEO marketing. I needed help and I found it at DigiTargeting.

They seemed like a reputable company and upon reading some of the reviews of their work, I went ahead and contacted them about my issues. Immediately, and I mean within an hour, I received a response from the head guy, Daniel Abramov. To my surprise, he was not intimidating at all, rather personable and easy to talk to.

I explained to Daniel and his team of my woes and needs about my blog’s website. They, in turn, responded with a variety of options to get my blog and its brand on the right track. I was slightly overwhelmed at all that needed to be done, but I was determined to find a way. I signed up for their recommended package, custom tailored to my needs. Within a short amount of time, I had an amazing new layout, brand strategy, content marketing plan, SEO based content and advertising, and more. I was overjoyed with the talent at DigiTargeting and all that they did for my blog.

                Sasha Rowe