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                There is nothing more frustrating than having the most perfect idea of what something should look like and completely no grasp on how to get it done. This was the case involving my website. I needed a custom look and I was utterly baffled at how to design it, let alone how to code it.

                I searched high and low for web designers. I contacted a bunch of people. Yet, the story all seemed to be the same. Did I have graphics? Did I have content? Did I have an iota of what I was doing? No. No, I did not have any of that. All I had was an idea, a thought.

                What I did have though, was a slight understanding that in order to have a website and transform it into a business; you need to be able to advertise. You know those ads on the sides of web pages? Or the ones that show up in the text of a blog? Those ads make people money and money was definitely something I wanted.

                So I googled “marketing” and a whole list of different things came up. I went through blog after blog after tutorial on what marketing is and how it can help you become rich or successful. I didn’t have the patience to learn it at all. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I needed someone to help me market my future website. At this point I was definitely willing to invest in someone else’s skills because I had not a one, myself.

                I emailed several businesses and did a few forms on contact pages. Let me tell you what, was the first to respond. They said that their team of experts could help me turn my idea not only into a webpage, but a fully responsive mobile compatible site. I was very interested to see just how they could do this and since they actually seemed to care, I purchased my custom marketing package.

                Every step of the way, Daniel Abramov and his team of marketing specialists were in contact with me troubleshooting and brainstorming all the moves forward. They never left me out of the loop. They never did anything without my consent. I felt special and appreciated as their customer. I felt like my opinion mattered.

                It still amazes me that so much work was done in such a short span of time. Saying that, it was also above my standards of what I had in mind. They went above and beyond to make sure that I had everything I needed. A phenomenal website was created compatible for all devices. It was a custom design based on my ideas. All that I asked for was there. Sometimes I just go to my website and stare at it thinking: I am glad that I found Digi and I love this page so much!


                Stephanie Delane